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025183:INTBUYING Meat Grinder Crusher Mincer Chopper Feed Processer for Fish Chicken Bones tainless Steel 220V

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220V 2.2KW Stainless Steel Electric Bone Crusher Feed Processer w/ extra Cutter

     The 52-type machine can chop whole chicken (within 2 catties) and whole fish (within 2 catties) without chopping into small pieces! It becomes pure in a few seconds!


Voltage: 220V

Power: 2.2KW

Yield: 200-230kg / h

Rack material:  steel

Usage:  meat / chicken / bones / pepper / housbanding feed and so on

Net weight:50KG

Gross weight: 61Kg

                         Best choice for Commercial farms !!


1. It is forbidden to put your hands into the feeding port and the discharging port when the

machine is switching on. Be careful of your hands when putting the material into the feeding


2. Keep children away from this machine.

3. Minors are forbidden to operate this machine.

4. Before using, please connect the ground wire first, then connect to the power supply. 

Leakage switches and circuit breakers should be installed on the power line

5. Do not screw the adjustable nut laxly or tightly when the machine is operating.

6. Please switch off the machine when you are doing maintence or cleaning.

About cleaning, do not clean the switch and electric motor with water. This will damage

 the machine.

7. The machine must not be idled for long in order to avoid damaging the blade. Please

prepare materials in advance, once switch on the machine, you should put material into

the machine immediately.

8. This machine is used to grind meat from chicken,duck,fish, beef,lam, chili, pig etc. 

There is noproblem with the bones form fish,chicken,duck, but it can not be used to grind 

bones from beef and it also can not grind other hard bones !




Usage Photos:


Item Include:

1 Set of 220V 2.2KW Stainless Steel Electric Bone Crusher 025183


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