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153136:Intbuying 220V 1500W Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutter Slicer Electric Machine Kitchen Chopper Best Food Dicer
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220V Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutter

Principle and use


This machine adopts the principle of centrifuge, and the cutter is fixed to the position of the tool carrier. After putting the material into the feeding barrel, it cuts the vegetables once the inner cavity impeller rotates to the cutting place. In order to ensure the high efficiency work, it needs continuous and fast dish setting.
This machine is a practical mechanical special processing of tuber vegetables into full. Can not take the processing of hard brittle fiber vegetables (potatoes, small piece of silk radish, carrots, cabbage, mustard, mustard, ginger, etc.) can cut out the wire with a small.


Voltage 220V
Power 1.5KW
Shredding specification(mm) Adjustable Within the scope
Slicing specification(mm) 1-8
Dice Specifications(mm) Adjustable Within the scope
 Inlet size(mm)  140
Efficiency(Kg/h) 200-350

Matters Needing Attention

a. Before starting, secure ground wire must be secured to ensure personal safety.
b. after the boot, no hand, sticks, iron products, bricks and other hard objects or non food items into the bucket, so as not to damage the tool or cause personal safety accidents.
c. overload start is strictly prohibited.
d, for a long time, the blade should be removed, remove impurities, and oil custody.
e, this machine uses centrifugal force to promote the cutting work, so instead of manual operation.
f, with their own motor users wiring, please pay attention to the motor is reverse problem.
g, please do not operate the machine at the same time, so as to avoid accidents.
h, please put the machine in place where children can not touch, so as to avoid accidents.
Note: if the accident occurred after a broken blade, immediately shut down, and find the broken part, so as not to be mixed with eating into the dishes. (magnets can be used for suction and must be thrown away when machined parts must be removed. Blade damage phenomenon, cut a Biesi thicker or even a knife).

Common Problems
A. when the machine is working, stop the knife?
Solution: check whether the belt is loose, cut too thin or too thin.

B. the silk effect is not good, even knife?
Solution: it belongs to the tool installation problem and check whether the cutter is in place.

C.the machine running abnormal sound?
Solution: please stop to check the drive parts and tool parts.

D. why does the machine not spit vegetables?
Solution: please confirm a dish of Bohou is suitable for food, if the regulation is too thin, it will block the effects of cooking food, smooth (machine with a small amount of food is not a normal phenomenon.).


Item Include(153136)
  • A set of 220V Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutter



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