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020175:INTBUYING LP Gas Kebab Gyro Grill Machine Electric Vertical Broiler Rotating Shawarma Machine with 2 Burner

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Shawarma Machine Gas Kebab Gyro Grill Machine


1.It uses LP gas to heat the meat, 110V electricity to control the rotation rod. Convenient and safe.
2.The machine is made of durable stainless steel. High quality infrared burner make it heat more evenly and stable.
3.Adjustable temperature control, which could avoid meat being overcooked and keep in a suitable temperature. The height of the barbecue can be adjusted to control the barbecue distance.
4.High heating efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance. Suitable for many kinds of meat Shawarma.
5.This Shawarma is widely used in many occasions. Family party, dinner with friends, or small events, it's a excellent choice to enhance your relationship and make your life better.

Please note:  It is strictly prohibited to use the high pressure air valve.

Machine with gas line and pressure reducing valve.


  Gas type LP Gas  
  Voltage 110V  
  Motor Power 6.5W  
  Machine Size 11.4*11.8*18.8inch  
  Weight 9kg/19.8lbs

Detail Display

No.1 Efficient heating Plate

High quality and fire resistance infrared  burner. High pressure casting, heating stable

No.2 Adjustable rotating rod

Height adjustable, convenient to control, food grade stainless steel material

No.3 Precise temp control switch

One to one temperature control, make it heat more evenly ,taste better

No.4 Square sink at the top

When working, add water into the sink to physically cool down and protect the machine

No.5 Stainless steel oil plate

Large oil plate can prevent oil from leaking out and make it easy to clean


Use Direction

Turn on: The knob is turned slowly counterclockwise from closing until a "drip" sound is heard and then ignited with an electronic igniter. If there is air in the furnace tube, try the above method again until the fire is lit. Maximum firepower is achieved when the knob is rotated counterclockwise from off to 90°.When the temperature is over 90°, the firepower gradually decreases.
Turn off: Turn the knob clockwise to close position. The burner will shut off.


1.The equipment is only applicable to the baking of food containing grease or high melting point grease. 2.Oil tanks and explosion-proof nets must be cleaned and all industrial grease removed before use. 3.Do not place inflammable and explosive articles (such as towels, rags, etc.) in any position on the furnace surface, otherwise it may cause combustion and fire accident. 4.Close the gas valve immediately after use. 5.If there is air leakage, close the air valve immediately, open the window to enhance ventilation, do not turn off the power and electrical equipment, repair before use.

Item included

1 × LP Gas Shawarma Machine (020175)

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