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020206:INTBUYING Commercial Fruit Ice Cream Machine Frozen Milkshake Yogurt Fruit Blender Mixer for Restaurant Ice Cream Shop
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Commercial stainless fruit ice cream machine 110V


Features New concept features new ideas yogurt ice cream machine:

Achieve ice cream and fruit, nuts, milkshakes, a perfect combination to create a greater variety of natural fruit flavors of ice cream.

With manual control, to facilitate nesting of fruit crushing and speed adjustment.   

Jet cleaning, ready to use, effective solution to ice cream in the production process of different fruits and odor problems.

Equipped with water overflow alarm system, allowing users to get to know the water tank filled with water situation.

Spiral mixing blades, the bottom of the mixing head with a convenient break the frozen fruit pieces.

Stir with a funnel shape under the cap, depending on the shape of hats can play a variety of shapes of fruit ice cream.


Voltage 110V/60HZ
Mixing shaft material Food grade 304 stainless steel
Power 750W
Machine Size 12.2*22*32.6inch
package size 15.7*26.5*33.5inch
Weight 42kg/108lbs

Detail Display

No.1 Convenient switch, easy to start

Connect the power plug, the power switch is pushed up, then power, can operate it!

The operation is complete, push down the power switch, turn off the power!

No.2 Stainless steel birdbath

After cleaning, the water of the machine flows out from the sink, which is easy to clean

No.3 Water inlet

The machine has its own water pipe, convenient cleaning machine

(Note: machine can not be directly connected to the tap)

No.4 Two screw cone cups

One cup is used for making milkshakes and the other for stirring ice cream

No.5 Accessories

Bracket, hose, wrench and screws


1.The yogurt ice cream machine fixed, and connected to safety ground. Bottled water should be put inside the water pipe! (Note: machine can not be directly connected to the tap)

2. The machine before use, you must check the seal is broken, cone cups mounted on a skateboard, and lock the two nuts. The hard ice cream, custard, yogurt or ice cream cone into the cup and add fruit. (Note: 1. cone cup is no food to prohibit the collision with the stirrer; 2. ice cream, fruit, nuts, the temperature to minus 10 ℃ to 20 ℃ below zero state into the cone cup)

3.Hands down to pull the handle, cone cup began to rise, blender began to turn. Rapid mixing of fresh cut fruit, nuts, nuts or cookies with ice cream, yogurt, ice cream mix. Finally, squeeze out the shape of the yogurt ice cream, milkshakes or fruit ice cream!

4.Rinse clean with exclusive "Cyclone Jet" water wash that removes residual material in seconds.

5. Turn off the power switch, press and hold both ends of the glass cover, glass cover, both ends of the inward swinging side to disengage the screw, then turn the glass cover 20 degrees forward, so that the front two screws completely loose Opened, to be out!

6. Loosen the screw cone cups, cone cups gently pull forward to be out. Loosen the nut clockwise.

7. With a wrench stuck in the mixing knife, turn the wrench counterclockwise to release the mixing knife, loosen the retainer, pull out the retainer pin, can come up with blender.

8. The retainer pins pushed into the hole in the fixed pin, fixed pin to launch it, then pull out the retainer pin to release the sleeve and spring can be.

9.The stirrer, shaft and spring should be cleaned.


Item included

    Commercial stainless fruit ice cream machine 110V (020206)

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