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020257:DZ260B Desktop Single Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine
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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging

DZ-260 Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


This machine needs at least 30A (110V) circuit.

Vacuum packaging machine is a new type of vacuum packaging machine.

It can automatically seal the packaging bag immediately after it is vacuumized.

The vacuum degree in the bag is high, the residual air is small, and the reproduction

of bacteria and other microorganisms is inhibited. The oxidation, mildew and corruption

 of articles are avoided. At the same time, the packaging volume of some soft articles

can be reduced after packaging, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

 This series of vacuum packaging machines use composite film bags to heat seal all

 kinds of solid, powder, paste and liquid of all kinds of food, medicine, local products,

 aquatic products, chemical raw materials, hardware and electronic components.

It can effectively prevent the spoilage and deterioration caused by lipid oxidation and

aerobic bacteria reproduction, and achieve quality, preservation, taste and color preservation,

so as to prolong the period Storage time, easy transportation and export of packed goods.

Voltage 110V
Power 370W
Vacuum chamber 304 stainless steel
Size 14.17"*19.68*14.76"/36*50*37.5cm


1.The single chamber cover is made of transparent plexiglass,

and the packaging process is clear at a glance.

2.This series of vacuum packaging machine has the functions of vacuum, sealing and printing at one time.

3.For different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, it is equipped

with vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time and other adjustment

devices, which is convenient for users to choose and adjust best, so as to achieve the

best packaging effect.

4. This series of vacuum packaging machine has the characteristics of advanced design,

complete functions, stable and reliable performance, wide range of use, good sealing strength,

strong packaging capacity, convenient use and maintenance, and high economic benefits.

It is an ideal vacuum packaging machine at present.  
Item includes:020257
1*DZ-260B Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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