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020456: Dust Free Aluminum Work bench with Anti-static Curtains Iron Workbench With Filter for LCD Laminating Repair

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110V Dust Free Room Workshop 020210

Product Parameters

Voltage: 110V

Package: two boxes

Size: 48.43''*25.2''*13.78''(carton box)

48.03''*25.98''*6.89''(carton box)

Gross weight: 88.41lbs


Material: Aluminum zinc ,aluminum leaf (fan)

Efficiency: seclude 99.99% particulate(0.5um) from air circumstance.

Product Features:

1. Extremely low operating power consumption, effective cost reduction.

2. Built-in air duct diversion system, reduce noise, increase fan service life and improve fan efficiency.

3. Multi-wing centrifugal fan can provide high air volume and high static pressure conditions;Ensure use in different environments.

4. It is suitable for assembling ultra-clean production lines, which can be configured to be used by one or more sets according to the requirements of the process, or can be connected in series to form a 100-level assembly line.

Detailed installation steps can be viewed on YouTube



Filter placement

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