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021051:220V Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

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220V Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

   BS-4020 thermal shrink packaging machine adopts quartz farinfrared tube in direct heating or PVC/POF shrinking membrane to achieve optimal contrationpackaging.The machine is made reliable by electronic stepless shift and booster in temperature control,The products packed can be sealed well,prevented from getting damp and protected against knocks.It is suitable for tight wrapping packaging of many-piece articles and tray packaging .which is applied in contraction packaging in.

Product parameter:
Material: Iron spray paint
Max shrink size 15.75"X7.87" (40X20cm)
Max.feeding weigh: 10Kg (22Lb)
Conveyer speed 0-32.8/ft (0-10m/min)
Power 5500W
Voltage: 220V

Machine size:



Thickness (mm)

Heating time(s)

Temperature (℃






0.02 -0. 06


110- 130



5~ 12



This machine has no plug and needs to be connected to the air switch for use by the customer (we have a video of the wiring, if you can't wire it, you can contact us for a video reference)


Mesh conveyor belt (recommended for products with small volume and light weight)
Metal mesh belts have fast thermal conductivity, high bottom temperature, and large contact surfaces. When placed on the mesh belt, the film is prone to imprinting. It is not recommended for products with strict appearance or large contact surfaces. For products with less contact between the bottom and the mesh, a mesh shrink machine can be used. (For products with large volume and heavy weight, it is recommended to use a chain type conveyor belt shrinkage machine)

Intelligent control panel

Digital display screen, adjustable temperature, LED light indication, easy to operate.

Core electrical box control box (with fan)

Overload protector

Adopting an independent overload protector, effectively preventing problems such as overheating and overcurrent, safe and durable. Exhaust and heat dissipation holes

When the machine is working, the heat generated will be dissipated through the heat dissipation holes, resulting in fast heat dissipation and prolonged machine usage.
Product safety precautions:
To ensure safe production, please read the following precautions carefully:

1. Remember the principle of "safety first" and operate this tool correctly;

2. Strictly start this machine according to the appropriate power supply;

3. When the machine is working, it is strictly prohibited to reach into the inside of the shrinking machine to prevent burns. After stopping the machine, it is necessary to wait for it to cool down for a period of time before touching the inside of the machine;

4. It is strictly prohibited to use strong acid and alkaline solutions to clean and wipe this machine;



Product display:

Item include:220V Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine*1


Item Number: 021051

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