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022156:INTBUYING Attic Extension Ladder Ceiling Concealed Folding Loft Carbon Steel Ladder Stairs 9.8ft Height with 12 Steps (Blue)

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Blue Attic extension ladder 80*90cm

Attic extension ladder is becoming more and more popular recently because of its simple, elegant, practical, telescopic and small occupied area. The ladder can be widely applied to loft and the top of the cottage. It is very convenience to go upstairs and downstairs. Attic extension ladder meets the needs of most people about fashion and concise lifestyle.


Before operating the stairs, please read the instruction book thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. Before you purchase it, please clearly understand SIZE of

 the ladder [80*90 cm /31.5*35.4 in].

  • High quality environmental protection material.

  • Key position adopts thickened material.

  • Electrostatic coating process, anti-corrosion and antioxidant.

  • Hydraulic rod and spring lets door-closing mute and andante.

  • Rotational door lock becomes anti-lock, safe and convenience.

  • Rubber anti-slide foot makes up or down safe and does not spoil the floor.

Color Blue
Material Carbon Steel
Open Size 31.5*35.4 in
Max Vertical Height 9.84 ft
 Thickness of Ceiling 5.12in-19.68in
Step Size 15.75*5.51 in.
Width from Hole Edge to Wall 1.97 in.
Steps 12
Weight Capacity  600 lb

Matters needing attention:
  1.Please install the fixed frame according to the height on our website. If the installation height is not appropriate, please contact us to solve the problem!
  2.When pulling down the ladder, do not stretch it backward too much. Just put it on the ground naturally. Excessive stretching will cause uneven stress and may cause tilting. If you are not sure about the stretching position, you can take photos to contact us!
  3.If it is used for several months or frequently, you can check whether the screws are loose as a routine maintenance of the stairs.
  4.If there is a fault during use, please contact us first, and do not repair it yourself to prevent improper maintenance!

Maintenance Information

Users are responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the equipment they use. Some equipment will quickly become damaged and unsafe if abused or subjected to improper demands. If equipment is regularly maintained and not abused, you will get the maximum safety and service performance from loft wall ladder stairs.

  • Do not overload ladder stairs.

  • Do not knock it vigorously.

  • Do not disassemble it casually.

  • Do not open the tripod forcibly.

  • Do not play movement on ladder stairs.

These uses create severe impact and shock loads that may lead to steps and equipment failure.

Installation Instruction
  • Put the lock-rod into the lock hole.

  • Lock the lock-rod by pin.

  • Tighten the bolt of the four corners.

  • Pull the ladder stairs up and fasten the lower edge of the hole.

  • Put metal triangle panel on bolt and tighten it.

Watch out when you install the ladder stairs. Do not stand under the hole when you install the ladder stairs.

Check Equipment

Periodically turn ladder stairs on its end or side and check the following:

  • Look for broken welds or deck boards.

  • Tighten loose nuts and bolts.

  • Look for ladder stairs frame distortion caused by overloads and impact loads.

All the check is for your safety.

Item Include(022156)

  • 80*90cm Blue Attic extension ladder*1

  • Wooden Package*1

  • Necessary accessories*1

  • Manual*1


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