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022204:Mobile Line Boring Welding Machine Hole Boring Bar Welder Servo Line Portable

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 Line Boring Machine & Bore Welder Servo Line Boring & Bore Welder(110V)

Portable boring machine is a  processing equipment mainly developed for on-site maintenance of engineering, energy, and chemical equipment. It is mainly used for processing small pipe inner holes and concentric spacing holes. It is widely used in excavators, cranes, loaders, and cranes.

Combined with the actual needs of on-site processing, the equipment structure has been continuously improved and perfected, and the XDT50 portable boring and welding machine has been developed. It combines high-end equipment with multiple function modes for welding holes, boring holes, and end face processing.


  Operating VoltageAC 110V/50hz

  Welding machine: European connector

  (Note: The welding machine needs to be equipped by yourself)

Maximum welding hole diameter: Ф230mm

Minimum welding hole diameter: Ф60mm

 Maximum boring diameter: Ф260mm

Minimum boring diameter: Ф55mm

Maximum processing stroke: 240mm

Maximum infeed depth: 3mm on one side (A3 steel)

 Surface roughness: Ra3.2

Hole roundness error 0.02mm

Boring bar: 50*1500MM

Welding bar: 30*1200mm

Power: 1.5KW

Work Environmentt

Ambient Temperature-10℃~+55℃

Storage temperature-25℃~+70℃

Relative humidity85%


Item Included:(022204)

  • Line Boring Machine & Bore Welder Servo Line Boring & Bore WelderX1

  • Operating InstructionsX1



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