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022225:Intbuying FS-1100D Manual Lifting Vertical Timing Lab Digital Display High-Speed Disperser Homogenizer Mixer 220V,1100W Paint Mixing

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Lifting Vertical Timing High-speed Grinding and Dispersing Machine

One machine, multi-usage. High efficiency, Good mixing effect.

Easy to wash, Manual lifting, simple and convenient. 

It can realize scattered, stir, mix. Used in coatings, printing ink, paste, dye, pesticides and cosmetic industries and so on.

Can realize refining grinding.

It is widely used in laboratory science test, production simulation and to develop new products, and it is also colleges, universities and research institutions' ideal experimental equipment.


Motor Power: 1100W(220V,50HZ

The Handling Capacity is 2~5 kg (water as medium)

Adjustment range: Frequency control 60-6000r/min

Stirring and dispersing impeller diameter:φ50mm:φ60mm;φ80mm

Medium Viscosity: 10000cp below

Speed Range:0-8000r/min

Lifting stroke:450mm

Sand Grinding Diameter: Phi 60MM

Barrel capacity1.5L

Overall Size (L * w * h): 14.3*15.7*31.5’’(45 * 40 * 80cm)

Control Range: 100-8000r/min

Measuring Resolution: 10r/m

Control Accuracy: + 0.2%F.S

Transition Time: <8S

Speed Setting Step: 100r/min

Suitable for Motor Power: 1.1KW

Net Weight: 66lb(35KG) 


Intelligent controller button description:

The Intelligent controller instrument has two working modes.

Timing :

Press the positioner konb once, and turn the positioner knob to set the working time when the instrument window displays”- - - - - - -”.

After setting ,wait for the window to display”inverted 7”,then display”0000”.

At this time , the corresponding speed can be set by the positioner knob, and the instrument will automatically stop working when the set time ends.

Select untimed :

Turn on the machine ,wait for the meter window to display “0000”,and turn the positioner konb counterclockwise to adjust teh corresponding speed.

Stop working :

In any working condition ,press the locator knob once to stop the machine.



High-speed Disperser, designed for laboratory. Easy to operate and with stable performance.

The equipment adopts electronic constant speed regulation circuit, digital directly displays spindle and rotation speed.

It equipped with scattered impeller and Sanding disc, and can adapt to the need of different experiments.

Also according to the shaft speed that displayed it can directly calculate the relationship among the mixing,

linear velocity of the disperse blades and the material viscosity and chemical reaction rate.

It can provide the right data for mass production.

Used and maintain:

1, the use of sand mill or dispersed impeller and rotating shaft fixed.

2. Adjust the rotating shaft and the high position of the capacity, lock the motor seat and the container, insert the material and cover the container cover.

3. Switch on the power, turn on the switch, wait for the reset of the display to zero, then press the touch button to increase or decrease when the speed is required.

4, the motor is a series of motor, when the rotation of the brush sparks, explosion-proof workshop is not appropriate.

5, the speed is greater than 4000r/min, should not open air machine.

6, when the motor brush less than 10mm, should be replaced.

Intelligent motor speed control system instructions :

Intelligent motor high speed controller adopts intelligent control technology, and realizes stepless speed regulation for series connected motor. With the digital PID technology, the control accuracy is high, the system structure is simple, stable and reliable.



Item Included(022225)

 220V Grinding Disperser Homogenizer Mixer Machinex1
Thicken material bucketX1PCS


Impeller x1pc

Brush x1 pc

Plastic mixingx1pc

Nut x1pc




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