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025216:110V G-8100MIC Melt Index Instrument

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110V G-8100MIC Melt Index Instrument

The product is intelligent and highly automated. The machine uses high-performance and high-precision control instruments and uses PID adjustment for constant temperature control.The machine has the characteristics of high sampling accuracy and fast control speed.The machine has a wide range of applications, fast heating speed, high product accuracy, stable and reliable performance. It is an ideal test and teaching instrument for plastic raw materials and plastic product manufacturers, quality inspection supervision and inspection institutes, and universities.

For the convenience of users, this type of instrument can realize manual and time-controlled test methods for cutting materials (cutting interval and cutting time can be set arbitrarily).

This instrument is used to measure the melt flow rate of various polymers in viscous flow state. It is suitable for polycarbonate, polyarylsulfone, fluoroplastics, etc. with higher melting temperature. It is also suitable for testing plastics with low melting temperature, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, resin, etc. The instrument complies with GB/3682-2000; ASTM-D1238, D3364; JIS-K7210; ISO standards.




technical parameters:

Range of temperature control: room temperature -400 centigrade

 Temperature indication error: + 0.1

Temperature fluctuation: + 0.1



working conditions:


Ambient temperature: 10 -40

Environmental relative humidity: 30%-80%

In an environment where there is no vibration or corrosive medium.

Installed properly on a firm foundation

There is no strong magnetic field and no strong convection in the air

Power supply: AC110V + 10%, 60Hz

Power: 0.45 KW






Item Included:


Item Number Description QTY Unit
025216 110V G-8100MIC Melt Index Instrument 1 Set

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