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120025:INTBUYING 63In 1600mm Low-temperature&cold Laminating Machine
UPC: 615311273793
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63" (1600MM)  Electric Low Temperature Cold Laminating

  This cold laminator can  apply cold press process to cover graphics with cold laminating film  which has good preservative waterproof and excellent performance.  Through the process of laminating, the graphics will be fresh,  colorfast, non-yellowing. This method is now widely applied in wedding  photography, spraying and painting as well as mounting of poster,  advertising photograph, book cover, document, calligraphy and painting,  invitations and more.

  Low-temperature cold Laminators will surely become a  satisfying partner for you with its easy operation, good performance and  excellent graphic reproduction quality. Our Customer Service System will offer  you a long-term and reliable technical service! Please believe that we always  pursuing outstanding technical performance and excellent quality!

.Application Introduction Low-temperature Cold Laminators are large and  medium-size equipment used for postproduction of computer graphic systems.

This model has a relatively wide versatility in adhesive film applications  and it can laminate width graphic with adhesive film sheet as well conduct  continuous mounting on scroll graphic with film rolls and mount on billboards.  This model is applicable to various industrial fields, and it shows great use  value especially in printing, color printing, advertisement production areas.

Low-temperature Cold Laminator features reasonable design, simple structure  and strong operability and the staff can complete graphic mounting in a fast and  efficient way after a simple training.

 Machine  features:

1. Electric operation mode and continuous and adjustable operation speed;

2. Rubber roller lift and pressure regulating part adopt linkage transmission  mechanism, simple and convenient;

3. Protective devices added, making the safety protection during mounting  more thoughtful;

4. Combination of standard configuration and optional configuration meets  various customer needs comprehensively;

5. Good visual appearance.

Routine Maintenance for Low-temperature  Laminator:

Please clean the rubber roller with cotton cloth and cold water or  alcohol.

■ Please notice, rubber roller under the abnormal temperature condition, it  can’t to use cold water to wipe rubber roller, otherwise it will cause the  rubber roller local rough, shorten service life.

■ Daily using avoid hard or sharp items damaged rubber roller.

■ If machine don’t be used for a long time, suggest using yellow hangers to  hang rubber roller, to prevent the deformation of rubber roller.

  • All metal construction  for heavy duty commercial and professional uses
  • Adjustable roller  position suitable for various material thickness
  • High quality/high  precision cold laminator
  • Stand with rollers


Technical specification:

Max. laminating width  (mm)


Max. laminating thickness (mm)


Laminating speed


Temperature adjust range

Room - 60°C

Roller lifting way

Bilateral linkage promotion

Roller heating type

Within the infrared heating

Preheating time


Power consumption


Rated power input


Rated input voltage


Machine weight


Machine dimention


120w adjustable gear motor

Lower release film silica gel lower roller with diameter 130mm

Bilateral balance regulating hand wheels

Automatic finished graphic winding mechanism

Imported high temperature resistant silica gel upper roller with 130mm  diameter

Crease and slant resistant paper feeding mechanism (pioneer)

Non-contact infrared temperature  measurement system

Electric foot switch



1.Pneumatic rise and fall for  rubber roller, more comfortable.

2.Precise temperature control, protect your film  safety.

3.Infrared Grating Safety Protection Circuit,  once there are some in the roller, the machine will stop working.

4.Easily to insert film and picture. 5.Aluminum-made pole, more lightweight and  strong. Pole with self-locking mandrel provides easy loading of your prints of  both sides.
Control Panel:
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Machine Detail (Real product  shooting):

Item Included:

63Inch Low  Temperature Automatic Laminating Machine 120025


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