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120041:A3 Roll Thermal Laminator 110V
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High Speed Hot Cold Roll Laminator

You can use the roll  laminators for hot laminating and Cold laminating. The laminators have  different temperature settings, depending upon the projects which you  are using them for. They also have maximum thickness up to 0.2" (5mm),  which means some laminators are only going to laminate paper thick  documents, while others are capable of laminating paper boards, and even  card boards. those complete lamination of even extremely thick documents  can be done with the help of our laminators. The tension also can be  adjust for meeting different needs of users or materials.
Main  features:
  • Fixed high speed laminating, 43.3In(1100mm) per  minute
  • Roller internal heating,  high speed warm up and heating
  • Soft silicon big roller, well elastic, toughness, and durability
  • Adjustable laminating thickness ,up to 0.2In(5mm)
  • Economy in electricity :infrared radiation heating, warm up to  80 ℃ for only 3 minutes
  • Three fast: Fast preheating; fast laminating and fast Cooling
  • Temperature adjustment, fit for different size and thickness of  film
  • The most popular laminating size:12.5(325mm),suit for A3,A4 or  Letter size Paper.
  • Dependability: Feeding paper smooth, no bubbles, reverse switch  to make it safer
  • Two laminating function, Hot&Cold laminating, roller heating


Heating Method

roller  internal heating

Speed: fixed about  43.3"(1100mm) per minute, 
5 sheets / minute (A4 paper)
Maximum  Laminating Width: 325mm (A3  paper)
Maximum  Laminating Length: custom
Roller  Diameter 0.98" (2.5mm)
Power Supply: 110V, 50/60Hz  (500W)
Warm Up Time about 3  minutes
Temperature  Control 0-200°C (32F-392F)
(lamination film: within 100°C-160°C is recommended)
Materiel  Thickness: within 70g to  0.2" (5mm) thick paper
Package  Weight: approx 30Lb  (15Kg)
Machine  Dimensions (L×W×H): 21" (533mm) × 8.3"(212mm) ×  10.5"(266mm)

8 advantages than common  laminating:

1,  Capable of subsequent processing such as coated by UV film, stamping  press etc; Common laminating is not.

2,  Can bend even fold, less to delamination; Common  laminating is not.

3,  Can write in ball-point pen on the surface if laminated by matt film;  Common laminating is not.

4  Mainly applied to coating color spray paper, photo paper, uncoated paper  and uneven art grain paper; common laminating is just applied to even  uncoated paper

5, 3  type soft roll films: Glossy Matt and Pattern.

6,  Fit for continues operation, enhance assembly effectiveness.

7,  The supply cost is lower than common laminating.

8,  With thermal glue, non-overflow after cold, product cut is clean and  neat; Cold laminating is not, the cut will become black and dirty if the  glue overflow.


Compare with common laminating:

Laminating type

For the paper

Bend, fold, roll

Uneven special paper

Consumption cost


Common laminating

Uncoated paper





This laminating

All type paper





The machine need to work with hot laminating film, which is not included in this kit, contact us or check our store for purchase.

Item Included:
  • 1 set of A3 roll laminator 1100V  (120041)


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