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120117:INTBUYING Electric Guillotine Cutter Trimmer Program Control Numerical Stand Paper Cutting Machine 40-460mm Cutting Length

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18" 460mm  Electric Heavy Paper Cutter

We are trying to offer you our most perfect products and best service. 460 cutter us a newly developed product. Its fitting adopts standard design. Microcomputer program control circuitry, auto-pressing paper, auto-pushing paper design make operation more convenient working efficiency higher. Infrared blade light position, LCD display make cutting size are all clear at a glance, and cutting much quicker and more precise. Its infrared photo electric protection, two hands cutting operation, multiprotection make operation safe ,more reassurance, It can be applied to small and medium sized printing enterprise, photocopies, offices and cut papers, books, pictures, documents  files as well as other non-metal material. Safety and reliable, high quality low price make the machine an ideal product for your cutting.


1.Oblique knife paper  cutting patent, which makes cutting smooth and easy, suitable for all kinds of  paper cutting.
2.Independent pressure paper mechanism design, which makes traditional problem  electric machine pressure paper not tight enough well solved and improves work  efficiency.
3.Cut line mark, infrared laser indication line, which is clear
4.Convenient depth adjustable paper cutter patent
5.Elegant blue screen appearance
6.Infrared grating safety protection circuit and back protecting cover design,  which is in line with CE standard and makes operation more secure.
Infrared Grating Safety Protection Circuit

Once there is obstacle on the workbench, the red light flashing and paper cutting blades wound not work. Comparing with the traditional transparent cover shell, infrared grating safety protection circuit is more convenient and security.

Maximum Cutting Length     :18" 460mm

Maximum Cutting Thickness:2.3" 60mm

Cutting Error                       :+ 0.3mm

Paper Press Mode              :Automatic

Paper Pushing Mode           :Automatic

Power                                :AC 110V/60Hz 1000W

Gross Weight                     :375lb 170kg


Note: the position shown in the figure is the paper pusher button. The paper can be pushed out by turning the button to the right. Do not put your hand in.



Item Included:
One set of Electric Numerical Stand  Paper Cutter 110V (120117)

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