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120928:INTBUYING Book Making Kit Glue Binding Binder Machine+5.4Lb Hot Melt Glue Pellets+Paper Creaser+ Heavy Paper Cutter
UPC: 811176020286
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Wireless Hot Glue Book Binder

Wireless glue book binding machine Use hot glue to adhere book and all kinds pages with hard or soft covers in just a few minutes, this is an amazing book binder built-in milling machine/cutter and a hot glue applicator.  With little glue to bind thick pages, firm and productivity. Designed for small business and quiet easy to operate by single-person, no special training is required. Time to say goodbye to those large heavy&stupid binding machine and embrace this adorable one. Our machine weight is about 75 lbs, Knockoffs weights much less, completely not comparable.


Our machine DO NOT have the  creasing attachment which show on the video.

The glue box will movie  perfectly AFTER the glue pellets melting.

All the machine details  please consulting pictures.

Main features:
  • ISO 9000 Approved, CE Certified
  • Heavy-Duty Quality Steel Construction
  • Latest Model with Digital Temperature Control
  • Brand New Perfect Book Binder Perfect Hot Glue Book Binder/Binding Machine with Milling/Spine Rougher
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Height
  • Reinforced and Thickened Steel Construction
  • The machine weight is about 75 lbs - Knockoffs Weights Much Less
  • FREE 1Lb(18oz) of Hot Melt Glue Pellets Included
  • Works with Both Hard Covers and Soft Covers



Wireless Glue Binding Machine

Speed: fixed about 43.3"(1100mm) per minute,
5 sheets / minute (A3 paper Large Size)
Maximum Booking Size: 12.6x9.6" (320mmx430mm)
Maximum Binding Thickness: 1.8" (50mm)-2Pages
Book Cover Thickness 0.98" (2.5mm)
Power Supply: 110V, 60Hz (500W)
Warm Up Time 10 min (depends on ambient temperature)
Machine Net Weight: approx 75Lb (28Kg)
Package Weight: approx 99Lb (35Kg)
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H): 26" (660mm) × 19"(482mm) × 15"(381mm)


Heavy Duty Stack Paper Cutter Guillotine

Heavy Duty 12.2" A4 Size Stack Paper Cutter

Note: Machine color shipped in random, white or black.

The desktop stack paper cutter is a high-end guillotine paper cutter. It is equipped with a machined all steel side gauge with 1/32” resolution measurements and rail-based all steel back support arm. The back support arm can easily be flipped up to accommodate larger and longer documents. It also comes with an all steel base protected with scratch resistant coating. The maximum cutting width of this model is 12” and the thickness capacity is 500 sheets of 70G bond papers.
Operation Way Manual 
Maximum Cutting Width 12.2"(310mm)
Cutting Thickness 0.02"-1.58"(0.5-40mm) 500Sheets 70G(20Lb) Paper
Cutter Size 20"x16"x9"(520x400x230mm)
Net Weight 31LB(14kg)
  • Brand new a high-end guillotine paper cutter in the stock.
  • Black and white 2 color.
  • maximum cutting width is 12.2”(310mm)
  • The thickness capacity is 500 sheets of 70G bond papers.
  • All steel base with computer generated dual measures (standard inches and metrics).
  • Machined steel side gauge with standard measures (1/32" resolution)
  • Protected with scratch resistant coating.
  • Automatic safety blade lock prevents cutting until released.
  • Replaceable and re-sharpen-able blade.


Item Included:

  • 1 Set of Glue Binding Machine 110V (026562)                   
  • 5.4Lb Hot Melt Glue Pellets      (026565*2)
  • 1 Set 14In Creaser (026452)
  • One 12.2In A4 Stack Paper Cutter (026411)  One Paper Back Sticker


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