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122080:Crazy Fit Vibration Whole Body Fitness Power Massage 500W 110V-2 cartons/set
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Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Platform Crazy Fit Massager

Power plate is a new fitness sports equipment.This product adapted a tributary of PWM speed regulation control technology, with convenient operation, safe and reliable, carrying light, low power consumption, the user through the product of aerobic exercise.


Vibration can reach the following effects:

1. Eliminate sediment detoxification: Stimulate gut, prevent constipation, scour blood vessel walls, removal toxins in the body.
2. To eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, quickly eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength and energy.
3. The collaterals: To strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints, relieve joint pain. Relaxing tendons, and to restore energy, coordinating muscle balance.
4. Beauty: Thin body break down fat and lose weight, keep fit body, restore youthful self.
5. Performance reengineering: the endocrine, improve the function of male and female gonads.
6. Enhance memory: Fill the brain with more oxygen.



Crazy power plate adaptes dynamic balance side of sports science, amplitude superposition principle, make whole body fat move, the consumption quantity of heat, eliminate the confining excessive accumulation of fat in the body, you only need to use 5-10 minutes a day, equals heat consumption as jogging for an hour, you burn calories equivalent to 30 times running.


Crazy power plate make you easily to keep fit, humanize design, its vibration velocity can be adjust completely, from 1 to 50, whether men, women and children can choose their suitable vibration frequency, easy to use, obvious effect, insist to use the product for a month.


Power: 110V  200W

Color:  Silver

Speed Shift:  1-50

Foot Pedal:  Rubber

Max Capacity:  330lb (150kg)

Package size:  43*33*12.6(83*123*32cm)


Item Included:

One Set of 110V Crazy Power Plate (122080)


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