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150022:110v Universal Hammer Universal Mill Pulverizer 2-5kg/h Dry Materials Machine

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110V 1100W Universal Pulverizer


Universal pulverizer utilizes the high-speed relative motion between the moving and regular tooth set, which makes the material crushed through concussion, rub and crush.

The structure of machine is simple and firm, the operation is steadily and the result of crushing is well.

The materials are discharged directly from mainframe, the size of the granularity is gained through changing different pore size sieve.

In addition, this machine is made of the stainless steel, surface of the inside of the machine is smooth, which changes the phenomenon of inboard wall coarse and accumulating of powder in the past.

It is more in line with the national standard in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical production and food.


1. It is only suitable for dry materials. Wet materials or liquid might make the machine break down.

2. It is not suitable for the too light material.

The reasones of those cannot serve as return. Please buy it with cautious.

Direction for use

1. It should be checked before using the machine that whether transmission parts are loose or the other anomaly is produced, the direction of the machine operation should be consistent with the direction of the arrow shown.
2. Taking no-load test for 1-2 minutes before using the machine. Materials can be feed after the machine is operating normally. Increasing the feed gradually and taking observation of electric current and the functioning of the motor. Blanking flashboard can be fixed only after feeding and current balance to be in normal.
. Drying the materials or using coarse screen stencil if the materials are too wet or have poor mobility, which cause poor discharge. Opening the front cover to Replace the screen stencil. Hand wheel must be tightened to ensure the front cover and the case remain sealed.
Stopping feed for 5-10minites before shutdown the machine in order to reduce the residual material.

Technical parameters

Spindle Speed


Material Limit Size


Production Capacity

0.5-5kg/h (1.1lbs-11lbs)

Working Noise


Direction of Rotation




Motor Power


Overall Dimension


Crushing Fineness

10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100,120 mesh


1.The screen is  10 mesh, ship with original package. If you need other mesh size, please contact us.

2.The machine  calculate the output by western medicine raw materials,  because the materials are different, It is difficult to achieve uniform  standards.

3.The output  also depend on the  size of the mesh. The  smaller particle will cause the lower output.

Different View Of Machine

The Upward View of Machine The Gear of Machine

Discharge Port Electric Cabinet

Maintenance and Repair

Regular checking bearing and replacing with high-speed butter to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to frequently check wearing parts which need to be timely replaced if there is any severe wear phenomena.
When operating the machine, if spindle speed was found to gradually decline (Triangle loosed) turn off the machine and downward adjustment of the motor (attention to the same elastic of the Triangle, if there is inconsistencies in the Triangle, replace it). This will enable the machine can achieve the required speed. Abnormal checks should be shutdown.
Metal materials are strictly prohibited inflow the inside when the machine is running, such as nails, iron and so on.
Cleaning of residues in various parts of machine after turning off it, the machine which is disabled for a long time require to be wiped out and is with good cover sheeting.

Wooden Package

Item Included

1 set of universal pulverizer SF130(150022)


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