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153162:INTBUYING 1T 2200lbs Capacity Hand Pump Lift Trucks Manual Hydraulic Walkie Stacker Forklifts Reach Pallet Stackers Max Load Fork 63"Lift

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About 1 Ton Manual Hydraulic Pump Walkie Stacker Forklift Reach Pallet


The machine is a high-lift truck handling and short-distance transport two vehicles, because they do not produce sparks and electromagnetic fields. Especially be suitable for car handling and workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, garages and other places of flammable, explosive and fire ban goods handling and transportation. The product has a lift balance, rotating flexible, easy to operate.
The Machine is light weight, easy to operate. The use of high-strength mast fork structure, the main parts seals are using imported materials, safe, reliable, durable and effort.
The machine is without power, pollution, manual hydraulic lift truck.
The machine has a compact structure, transport and flexible, and easy maintenance.
It is suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses, railway stations, docks and other places of goods increase, lifting and handling and other operations, fire-proof place those requirements (such as printing workshop, depot, wharf, etc.) are more appropriate. When used with pallets, cartons, containers, etc.
Unitization transportation can be realized. Better overcome the bump parts, brushed, scratched undesirable phenomenon, to achieve the civilized lifting and transport operations.

Supplementary Instructions

1.This kind of manual hydraulic stacker is especially not suitable for loading large volume goods.

2.Actual load capacity:The volume shall not exceed 1m*1m*1m, and the weight shall be within 1 ton.

3.Due to shipping or humid environment, the product may have rust spots, please know.



The demonstration video can be viewed on YouTube:

Item Include

About 1 Ton Manual Hydraulic Pump Walkie Stacker Forklift Reach Pallet (153162)


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