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154047:Hydraulic Automatic Sausage Filling Machine 15L 110V

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153047:Hydraulic Automatic Sausage Filling Machine 35L 110V

Hydraulic Automatic Sausage Filling Machine SF-150


The machine adopted hydraulic pressure system to fill the sausage, lowness noise, high efficiency and easy operation. To adopt high quality elements and hydraulic pressure element, they are all high quality and long life. Bowl and the body of machine are made of stainless steel, luxury and beautiful, it conforms to food sanitation. Move style body, more area to be used. To adopt the knee controlling switch, more human nature.


Voltage 110V/60HZ
Volume 15L
Power 750W
Productivity 300kg/h
package size 17.7*22*56inch
Weight 140.1kg/308.8lbs

Detail Display


Stainless steel enema nozzle

The diameters of the three sizes are 16mm,20mm and 25mm respectively.


Universal wheel

With foot brake universal wheel, easier to control the direction.


1. At the first time, before using machine, please open cover board which on the left, then screw the exhaust hole that on top of the oil box. At last, close the cover board.

2. Before working it, please clean up the parts which will be touched the meat, such as bowl、pressure cover、piston etc.

3.Connect with power supply 110V,60Hz, and must be had the reliable ground protection.

4.Put the mixed meat filling into the bowl and tighten the pressure cover.

5.Put on the tap, then put on the casing and adjust the changeover switch to "1" position, then press the knee controlling switch and at the same time, to adjust the adjusting throttle valves of the operation board slowly, to adjust the filling speed.

6.Begin to fill the sausage.If your speed can keep up, you can keep pressing the switch. If the speed cannot keep up, please adjust according to the actual situation.

7.After finished filling a sausage, to loosen the controlling switch, change the casing.

8.After used up one bowl of meat, adjust the changeover switch to "2" position, then press the knee controlling switch, the piston will return to the bottom of the bowl. Then as per the step of 4 and 5 and 6 and 7, repeat working.

Item included

Hydraulic Automatic Sausage Filling Machine SF-150(154047)

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