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159000:Solder Tools

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Solder Tools

Solder Tools

With the development of science and technology, electronic technology penetrates into various industrial sectors and in all areas of life.As a electric enthusiast,it's an essential basic skill to install and weld of electronic products.In the electronic engineering practice, by assembling and debugging an electronic product,can improve the way of thinking, especially in ability.

Electric Soldering Iron


Electric soldering iron uses the advanced optimization design and meticulously product.The handle is made of new high-strength and heat-resistant material,and it's also with high-quality and durable heating element.The iron has the festure of safe, beautiful look and lightweight.So it becomes more and more popular.


Name  Electric Soldering Iron
Power  40w
Voltage  110V
Length  23cm (9")

The first time using the new electric iron, is powered by hot child may appear , it's normal to have slight smoke which is because of electric heating element electrified ,and it will disappear later.
Electric iron should be kept dry, and never using after wet or rained.
Please check the voltage before using it.


Soldering Smoke Absorber

Mount the CXG493 Soldering Smoke Absorber on this optional Arm Stand,and you have a powerful smoke absorber that can freely adjusted for maximum ease of using and optimum smoke absorption.Once the job is done,the unit can be quickly and easily swung to one side,where it will be out of the way but ready in an instant when needed for the next job.

CGX493 is a newly developed product which is a high performance fan and an activated carbon filter designed to absorb flux and lead fumes.


Name  CGX493 Soldering Smoke Absorber
Power Consumption  16W(50Hz)/14W(60Hz)
Outer Dimensions  220*270*168mm(8.7"*10.6"*6.6")
Weight  1500g (3.3lbs)
Operation Instruction:
Open the Filter Guider,and install the Activated Carbon Filter.Then close the Filter Guide.
Loose the Knob and adjust the angle.

Replace the Filter
Under normal operating conditions,the filter should be replaced once a month since absorption capacity decline.
The filter may also need replacement when the dust adhere.(Never allow the filter to become wet.)

Activated-Carbon Filter Specifications:

Size 130*130*10mm(5.1"*5.1"*0.4")
Amount of Activated-Carbon Filter 7g (0.02lb)
Max.absorbing weight of noxious components per filer 2g (0.004lb)

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick

The hot glue gun uses high-technology ceramic PTC thermistor as heating originals.The PTC thermistor can be in constant temperature automatically.The temperature will not raise when the temperature raises to the designed one of the glue stick ,this can prevent the hot glue gun from the damage of heating element,and extending the service life.

1、The product can be applied to the glue stick which is 10mm(0.4")diameter.
2、The glue stick is inserted into the end of glue gun until is inside. Plugging in and preheating 5-8 minutes.Pulling the trigger to extruded sol, and can control the volume.
3、During the using,it's not necessary to remove the glue stickif you can't use up it.Next time,it can be used directly after preheating 5-8 minutes.


Name  Hot Glue Gun
Power  40w
Length  130mm (5")

Digital Multimeter and Digital Electrical Tester Pen

DT9205A digital multimeter is easy to operate, accurately reading, full-featured,easy to carry.

Name  DT9205A Digital Multimeter
DC Voltage  200mV-1000V ±(0.5%+1)
AC Voltage  200mV-750V ±(0.8%+3)
DC Current  20mA-20A ±(0.8%+1)
AC Current  20mA-20A ±(1%+3)
Resistance  200Ω-2000MΩ ±(2.5%+3)
Capacitance  2nF-200μF


Digital electrical tester pen is a kind of tester pen, which belongs to electrical and electronic tools,and is used to test whether charged in the electric wire.This tester pen body is with LED display,you can read the tested voltage directly.


Name  Digital Electrical Tester Pen
Voltage  12-250V(AC\DC)

Anti-static Tweezers and Solder Sucker

ESD-10(Standard): using to weld circuit boards and installing or replacing parts
ESD-11:Longer than ESD-10,appling to precision electronic parts operation.
ESD-12(high elasticity):The tweezers tip is stronger than standard's.It won't bend during clipping board with strong force and the parts won't fall.
ESD-13 (round):Avoiding to damage components and appling to take out chip.
ESD-14(fine):The tweezers tip is extra-fine and sharp,appling to high-density integrated circuit chip operation.
ESD-15:The tweezers tip is curved,appling to take out components in narrow place.


Solder Sucker is made of aluminum.It is easy to carry and operate.

Component Package

Diode Package

8 kinds, total 100 pcs

 1N4148 25pcs

 1N4007 25pcs

 1N5819 10pcs

 1N5399 10pcs

 FR107 10pcs

 FR207 10pcs

 1N5822 5pcs

 1N5408 5pcs


Ceramic Capacitor Package

24 kinds, 10pcs in each kind
6P 10P 18P
20P 22P 25P
30P 33P 47P
68P 101P 221P
331P 471P 681P
102P 222P 332P
472P 103P 223P
333P 473P 104P

Resistor Package

25 kinds, 20 pcs in each kind
10 47 100
200 330 470
680 1K 1.5K
2K 3.3K 4.7K
6.8K 10K 15K
20K 33K 47K
68K 100K 150K
330K 470K 1M 2M

Adjustable Resistor Package

9kinds, 5 pcs in each kind
100(101) 500(501) 1K(102)
5K(502) 10K(103) 50K(503)
100K(104) 500K(504) 1M(105)

Electrolytic Capacitor Package

12 kinds, 10 pcs in each kind
0.1UF/50V 1UF/50V 3.3UF/50V
4.7UF/50V 10UF/25V 22UF/25V
33UF/25V 47UF/25V 100UF/25V
220UF/25V 330UF/25V 470UF/25V

XTL Package

10 kinds, 3 pcs in each kind
6MHZ 8MHZ 11.0592MHZ
12MHZ 16MHZ 22.1184MHZ
20MHZ 24MHZ 32.768KHZ

Audion Package

11 kinds, 10 pcs in each kind
S9012 S9013 S9014
S9015 S9018 2N3904
2N3906 2N5551 2N5401
S8050 S8550  

Universal Circuit Board

Universal Circuit Board are accordance with standard IC spacing (2.54MM,0.1") and full with bonding pads.We offer different sizes of circuit boards,enthusiast can instrument components on their own wishes.

1、There is two bonding pads on both sides,and it can be welded components on both sides.

2、The thickness of the circuit boards is 1.6mm(0.06"),and is in good material.

3、Single hole, the distance between two holes is 2.54mm(0.1"), and the diameter is 0.95mm(0.04") .

4、The bonding pad which both sides of one hole is connected


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