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170683:INTBUYING Cow and Goat Milker Electric Milking Machine with Regulator and Stainless Steel Bucket

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Cow Goat Piston Milking Machine

304 stainless steel bucket
Three-Prong plug,water-proof switch
High-precision piston, faster milking speed
First-class product quality and after-sales service
Fit for cow and goat

Product features:

The machine is made up of 1. trolley frame, 2. milk barrel, 3. complete milking set, 4. vacuum gauge, 5. pistion pump,6.reducer and gearing.
The milk barrel is composed of a barrel and a barrel cover. The volume of the milk barrel is 25L and is made of 304 stainless steel.
This milking machine consists of three wheels, making it more convenient to move.
This milking machine is suitable for cows and goats and is widely used in farms and families.


Operating Vacuum Degree :0.04-0.05MPa
Pulsation Times:64 times per minute
Power Fitted: 0.55KW
Voltage :110V
Motor Speed :1440 rpm per minute
The Number of Milk Bucket:one( capacity of 25kg )
The Number of Milking Cattle Per Hour:10-12 cows per hour


It won't keep pressure and I've tried everything .

If it's not a new machine,You need to add lubricating oil every 1 weeks.
How to add lubricant?

1.First open 1 part.

2.Then add a circle of lubricant along the inner edge.

If it is a new product that has not been used.

1.Please put the tube according to the picture to increase the pressure.Intubation is required in 8 places.
2.The hanging direction of milking cup group should be correct, refer to the picture.

3.And you need to pressurize it to greater than 0.04MPA!

Item Number(170683):

1×New Cow and Goat Piston Milking Machine

You can make order with no worry.
Any concern just feel free to let us know, we'll reply in 24 hours in normal condition.
Handling Time: Shipping is usually made in 1-3 business days after payments cleared. Orders are processed from Monday-Friday; Not on the weekends & public holidays.
Warranty: 6 months' warranty for the machines, not for the consumables.
We stand behind our products all the item, so even if your warranty period has expired, you can still seek for service or technical support from us with low cost.


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