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170683:INTBUYING Cow and Goat Milker Electric Milking Machine with Regulator and Stainless Steel Bucket

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Cow Goat Piston Milking Machine
304 stainless steel bucket
Three-Prong plug,water-proof switch
High-precision piston, faster milking speed
First-class product quality and after-sales service
Fit for cow and goat
Operating Vacuum Degree :0.04-0.05MPa
Pulsation Times:64 times per minute
Power Fitted: 0.55KW
Voltage :110V
Motor Speed :1440 rpm per minute
The Number of Milk Bucket:one( capacity of 25kg )
The Number of Milking Cattle Per Hour:10-12 cows per hour
It won't keep pressure and I've tried everything .
  • If it's not a new machine,You need to add lubricating oil every 1 weeks.
How to add lubricant?

1.First open 1 part.

2.Then add a circle of lubricant along the inner edge.
If it is a new product that has not been used
1.Please put the tube according to the picture to increase the pressure.Intubation is required in 8 places.
2.The hanging direction of milking cup group should be correct, refer to the picture.
3.And you need to pressurize it to greater than 0.04MPA!
Item Included(170683):1×New Cow and Goat Piston Milking Machine

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