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190238:220V Double stands belt sander

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Double Stands Belt Sander 220V Multi-funchion

Belt Grinder Variable Speed Chasses is designed for professional knives, other cutting tools and machines

makers. We offer full range accessories for making knives, blades, scissors and other stuff for processing

metal. The set is very simple in maintenance and doesn’t require any special skills of an engineer and can be

built at your workshop. You have to place additionally the motor and the pulley.

Electrics: 220V

Motor Power:1500W

Converter power:2200W

Speed :2800RPM

Tensioning wheel:φ12.5cm

Large rubber wheel:φ28cm

Flat grinding wheel:φ7cm

Finger groove wheel:φ2cm、φ3cm

Driving wheel:φ18cm

Belt Dimensions: 72"*2"/1828mm*50MM

(The machine is equipped with three 1800mm belts,

60 mesh, 120 mesh and 240 mesh respectively)
1.Three kinds of grinding

Through the assembly of different parts, flat grinding, concave grinding and arc grinding can be achieved

2.Adjustable workbench

The workbench can place components during the polishing process, which helps to increase stability. By

loosening the red handle and adjusting the workbench arm, the position of the workbench can be adjusted,

and it can also be easily disassembled.

3. Safety protective cover

The grinding wheel cover provides protective measures for the polishing process, avoiding accidental

breakage of the sand belt and causing injury.

4. Front grip handle

Turn off the power, press down on the front handle, lower the driven wheel, and you can install and remove

the sand belt. It also helps with the movement of machines.

5.Variable frequency governor

Equipped with a variable frequency speed controller, press the green switch to start the speed controller, and 

turn the upper right knob to adjust the speed of the sand belt. This frequency converter can also be set to

reverse, but safety precautions should be taken when using it.

6.Pure copper moter

Using pure copper motor, strong power, durable, strong grinding efficiency.

7.Equipped with three selected sand belts

Has heat and water resistance, suitable for dry grinding, can add coolant, good grinding effect.Three 1800mm

sand belts,60 mesh, 120 mesh, and 240 mesh respectively.

Three kinds of grinding
Different batches of belts have different

colors.Different places have different

receptacles. Please note this plug and consult

your electrician before purchase.

Package Includes:

1 set Belt Sander Knife Grinder (190238)

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