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219408:efrigerated Bakery Showcase 220V

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Desktop refrigerated cake display cabinet

   Air patenting Cake Display Cabinet designed with trend of hoover flair and unique style. The body of cabinet structure with contact box. It will display visual. Features of refrigeration compressor are small noise, low power consumption, fast cooling, sterility, temperature uniformity, and other advantage.

1.Attractive interior LED lighting.
2.Digital temperature controller and display.
3.Front curved glass, glass windows on both sides.
4.Heating wire defogging glass
5.Equipped with rear sliding door.

Cake Display Cainet


Power 225W
volume 102L Voltage 220V
Shelf Size 30.3*9Inch (77*23cm)

30.3*7.48Inch (77*19cm)

Refrigerating Fluid R134a
Ambient Temperature 35.6℉-46.4℉


Refrigeration Size 35.43*19.3*30.3Inch (90*49*77cm)
Matters needing attention:

Note: The ambient temperature is measured at room temperature and humidity are 23℃ and 50% when the machine has been working for about 4 hours.Depending on the working environment, we only guaranteed that the ambient temperature within the temperature range and DO NOT guaranteed reached minimum temperature.

Products cannot be placed on the air inlet duct and the air outlet duct. Placing products will easily block the air duct. No air will cause the evaporator to freeze and block. The temperature of the cabinet is too high, which is higher than the normal temperature range displayed on our website.

The cooling of the machine is normal when the machine temperature is in the range of 2-8℃.




1. Please do not turn on the defogging switch frequently (turn it on when there is fog, and turn it off when there is no fog). Frequent turning on may cause the temperature to remain high.
2. Please be sure to clean the radiator once a month or so to improve the cooling speed.
3. Do not block the air inlet of the return air outlet in the cabinet and the cooling air outlet outside the cabinet.
4. The intelligent temperature control has been adjusted accurately before shipment, do not adjust it without authorization, please contact us if necessary.
5. When the machine is cooling, a small amount of fog will appear in the cabinet for a short time when the cabinet door is opened. This is a normal phenomenon, and it will disappear after closing the cabinet door for about a minute.
6. The defogging function is the electric heating defogging of the three-layer glass of the front glass, which basically does not fog. The side glass door and the rear door glass are double-layer insulating glass, and occasionally there will be a small amount of fog when the weather is humid. This is a normal phenomenon, and this phenomenon will disappear when the air conditioner is turned on or the air flow is accelerated.


Matters needing attention when using:




1. When handling, the box should be kept as straight as possible, the maximum inclination should not exceed 45 °C, and it should not be placed upside down or horizontally;

2. Placement of the freezer: It should be placed in an environment with smooth air, cool and dry, and no corrosive gas around it. Remember to be close to the heat source and avoid direct sunlight. The front and rear of the cabinet should be kept more than 10cm away from the wall. The cabinet is stable to avoid vibration or excessive noise;

3. The frozen storage time of food is limited and cannot be stored for a long time, otherwise the freshness and moisture will be lost. Food should be placed in the cabinet with a certain distance to facilitate smooth air and uniform temperature;

4. The freezer can be turned on after 5 minutes of installation and shutdown. Do not turn it on after it has been shut down. For the first use or after a period of shutdown, the empty cabinet should be run for about 2 hours, and then put in food;

5. Defrosting: When the frost layer is more than 5mm thick on the surface of the freezer evaporator, it will affect the cooling effect and must be defrosted in time. When defrosting, the power supply should be cut off. Open the door and use the ambient temperature to defrost; if you need to speed up the defrosting, you can put an appropriate amount of hot water into the box to defrost.

Notice. Never use sharp metal tools to remove the frost layer!

6. The fresh-keeping work surface should not be hit with hard force or cut with sharp objects, such as knives and forks, otherwise the work surface will be damaged.

7. If the ambient temperature is high, there may be dewdrops on the outside of the box. This is a normal phenomenon. Please dry it with a soft dry cloth in time.

8. In order to save electricity, the number of opening doors should be minimized and the opening time should be shortened.

9. Please clean the oil and dust on the condenser and fan regularly to ensure energy saving and the best cooling effect.






Product display:

Air patenting Cake Display cabinet application for store, supermarket, hotel, market, ect. It also can extend display cycle of vegetable, food, beverage, cooked food, candy, cake, cosmetics.


Item include: Desktop refrigerated cake display cabinet*1


Item Number: 219408


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