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239224:Hand-push Cement Ground, Terrazzo Ground Grinding Machine With Vacuum Fan

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Hand-push Cement Ground Grinder 220V





1. The pure copper motor is of high quality and the product is sturdy and durable. The new statorand rotor of the motor can easily realize the conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy.

2.Diamond chassis is sharp, hard, wear-resistant, work efficiency and high quality.

3.High performance, stable life, long service life.

4.Highly adaptable cement floors can also be fully hardened and work can be done at the root of the wall.

5.With dust suction fan, dust-free operation.

6.The plate and grinding head can be replaced for grinding, polishing, rust removal and paint removal.























Note: The standard configuration of grinding head is round diamond grinding head * 3, 50-mesh resin grinding disc *6, 1000-mesh resin grinding disc *6, sandpaper *1, terrazzo grinding head *16, others are optional, welcome to consult.



    Voltage: 220V

    Power: 4KW

    Fan Power:750W

    Work Efficiency:2500m²/8h

    Dust Bin Volume:20L

    Work Depth:0-3mm

    Net Weight: 282.04LBS(128.2KG)

    Gross Weight:344.3LBS(156.5KG)

    Package Size:21.65″*34.25″*44.88″

















   Give away 5 meters of wires. The maximum length of the
   machine can be connected to 90 meters of wires. The
   specification is three-core wires. Each wire should not be
   less than 6 mm ² of pure copper wire. The wire must be
   connected to the air switch, and the rated current of the
   air switch is about 63A. As shown in the picture of wiring
   mode, please contact us if you have any questions.




 1. The input voltage should not be too low.
 2. When using, first lift the machine head off the ground,
 and then turn on the switch. When the machine head rotates
 normally, gently place it on the ground.
 3. When working, the machine head swings left and right,
 then moves forward, and cannot stop in place.
 4. In case of power failure during operation, the switch
 should be reset and cannot be stopped at the original
 position to avoid burning the motor when the power is on.
 5.If a generator is used to provide power, the output power
 of the generator must be at least 12KW.
Item Number: Hand-push Cement Ground Grinder 220V   239224

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