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239794:Battery Capacity Tester Lead Acid Lithium Iron 5A Charge 20A Discharge
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Battery Capacity Tester Lead Acid Lithium Iron 5A Charge 20A Discharge

Product parameter:
Power Supply: DC19V-20V,current above 3.5A
Voltage Setting Range:0.00-30.00V,stepper 0.01V ( In charge mode,the max voltage is 18V)
Current Setting Range:
In Discharge:0.10A-20.00A, stepper 0.01A (current adjusted automatically when power exceeding limits).
In Charge:0.10A-5.00A, stepper 0.01A (max current depends on power current).
Manual Mode:
DSC-CC (constant current discharge): Discharge current remains constantly the same, recommended for battery capacity test.
DSC-CP (constant power consumption): Discharge power remains constantly the same,recommended for simulation of constant power equipment.
CHG-CV (constant current charge): Charge voltage remains constantly the same,recommended for lithium and lead-acid batteries test.
Auto Mode:The tester supports Charge-Discharge-Charge auto circle tests, recommends for capacity test.
Voltage accuracy:
0.0-4.5V (low voltage),precision up to 0.003V
4.5V-30V(high voltage),precision up to 0.01V
Current accuracy:0.10-20.00A,precision up to 0.01A
Capacity accuracy:

>100A above/0.1A
Wire connection:Voltage and curent channels separated for high test accuracy.
Display:Voltage/Current/Capacity/Time/Energy and other data.
Computer connection: The tester can connect to a computer through a designated USB-TTL cable for morefunctions, like graphs, calibration, firmware upgrade.

This model does not support Ni-MH, Ni-CD charging.

1.Charge and discharge function, it is suitable for lithium/lead‑acid battery capacity test (charging 5A, discharging 20A, maximum power is 85W), and supports individual charging, discharging and one‑time charging and discharging tests.

2.Support to connect to a computer, through the online software can be multiple cycles of charging and discharging and more extended functions.

3.Liquid crystal display screen, which can display test data such as voltage, current, capacity, time, and energy.

4.Four‑wire design, its voltage measurement channel and current measurement channel are wired separately to ensure measurement accuracy.

5. High accuracy, its test range is wide, and it can be applied to accurate industrial measurement with low error.

1. Positive and negative connections should not be reversed.
2. Always use the tester within the allowed range.
3. For batteries with a voltage higher than 10V, the maximum charging current should be lowerthan power current-0.5A.

Product display:

Item included(239794):

1*Battery Capacity Tester Lead Acid 
Power Cable
1*Power Charger
1*Online Cable
1*Clamp Cable

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