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020230:INTBUYING Laboratory Chiller Circulator 6L Refrigerated Circulating Water Liquid Bath Cooling Circulator Pump Chiller Water Cooling Chiller with 110V Converter and Temperature Range -5℃-100℃ for Lab

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020231:6L Laboratory Chiller Circulator Low Temperature -10-100 Cooling Liquid Refrigerated Circulating Pump Chiller Lab Recirculating Water Bath Recirculating Machine

Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator 6L


DC series low temperature constant temperature bath is an indispensable laboratory equipment. Which is widely used in biological engineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, chemical analysis, oil and other fields, provide a high precision, controlled, uniform temperature constant field source for the user, is the large, medium and small research, colleges and universities, factory laboratories, quality inspection departments ideal thermostat.

Please notice: There is a transformer involved in this item, 110V to 220V, so you can connect with power supply directlyture Cooling Liquid Circulator 6L


1. The machine  adopts microcomputer based temperature control. High accuracy of  temperature control.

2. Intelligent  digital system can correct the deviation of the temperature  measurement, which make the digital resolution 0.1℃.

3. The  refrigeration system has over-heating and over-current multiple  protective function.

4. The machine has  intelligent instrument control, which easy to operate and of  high temperature stability. It is also has alarm function when  the temperature reach the upper and lower limitation.

5. Equipped with  fully efficient anti-interference compressor.

6. Cooling rate is faster than  similar products, lower noise, lower vibration.


  Model DC-1006  
  Voltage 110V  
  Power 900W  
  Volume 6L  
  Operating ambient temperature 5℃-30℃  
  Temperature range -10℃-100℃  
  Internal material 304 stainless steel  
  Opening Size  7''*6.2''*5.9(deep)  
  weight 46.5kg(102.5lbs)  
  Size 21.6''*18.5''*33.8''  


1. Remove the package, clean the  working platform

2. Add liquid medium into tank, make  the medium level 30mm(1.18'') lower than the working platform

3. Connecting circulating pump inlet  and outlet pipe

①When the pump doesn't need to carry out  the outer-circulation, just need to use hose to connect the inlet pipe  with the outlet pipe

②When the pump is used for the outer  circulation of the constant temperature liquid, please use 1 pipe to  connect the outlet pipe of the pump with the inlet pipe of the container  outside of the tank. Use another pipe to connect the inlet pipe of the  pump with the outlet pipe of the container outside of the tank.


1. Before using the tank, please must  add liquid medium, otherwise, it will damage the heater. The medium level  must lower than the platform.

2. The selection of the liquid medium  in the tank shall be in accordance with the following principles:

A. When the operating temperature is 5℃-85℃,  the liquid medium usually use water

B. When the operating temperature is 85℃-95℃,  the liquid medium can use 15% glycerin-water solution

C. When the operating temperature is  lower than 5℃,  the liquid medium is generally alcohol or freeing liquid

3. To improve the service life of the  refrigeration system, the system adopt startup protection. Once turn off  the refrigeration system, it will need 10-20minutes' space to turn on  the switch again (such as turn on the switch to start the compressor in  less than 10 minutes from the last operation,  it is a normal  phenomenon that the system will not start)

4. Power supply should be greater than  the total power of the machine, the power supply must have a good  grounding device.

5. The machine should be placed in a  dry and ventilated place.

6. When the working temperature is very  low, please do not put your hands into the tank to avoid frostbite.

7. Cut off power supply when finishing working.

Detail Display


Large LCD display, convenient and quick input key, shift key and increase key, decrease key and so on.


Large opening size, enlarging operating space.


The angular design is more beautiful and more stable.


Drainage valves make drainage more convenient.


There is a transformer involved in this item, 110V to 220V, so you can connect with power supply directlyture Cooling Liquid Circulator 6L.
We also have other models to choose from, please contact us if you need it.

Item included

Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator 6L (020230)


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