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023452:INTBUYING MAC-65 Three-tube Cooling Mobile Industrial Air Conditioner 220V
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220V  Industrial Air Conditioner

  This machine is suitable for hospitals, research institutes, disaster scene ambulances, automobile repair centers, manufacturing engineering cooling, temporary offices such as reception rooms, equipment centralized cooling, factory production workshops, canteens, warehouses, on-site offices, outdoor activities such as golf practice Fields, various celebrations, temporary greenhouses, etc.
Product parameter:









  Air Flow:


Use environment:









Feature: This machine is equipped with 2 universal wheels with foot brake, which is more convenient for steering and moving.
This machine is equipped with 2 directional wheels without foot brake, which is more convenient to move.

Variable air vents

with free direction

Soft air outlet, adjustable in length and direction, placed more freely, and not picky in usage environment.

This machine is equipped with a controller, which can start the machine with one click, with adjustable air volume, cold air temperature, and environmental temperature. This machine is equipped with a high-efficiency evaporator with a detachable filter screen for easy cleaning.


This machine is equipped with a water tank that can receive condensate water, making it easy to see the amount of water and discharge it in a timely manner. Adopting technical welding and surface painting, the appearance is more visible.
Centrifugal fan

Adopting high-quality aluminum blades with strong wind power, uniform airflow, and low noise.  The condensed water is connected to the water, and the condensed water flowing out of the machine can be stored here. It is necessary to observe the water volume in the bucket in a timely manner and pour it out in a timely manner.
 High quality compressor

Adopting a high-quality fully enclosed rotary compressor, it has strong functionality and excellent performance, and can effectively cool in a high temperature environment of 45 ℃.

1. Simple Operation. 
2. High-efficiency performance 
3. Simple operation, long service life, high efficiency, power save
4. Simple and easy installation.Simple and easy installation.
5.The cooling air duct can be expanded to adapt to different environments.
6.Filters dust and dehumidifies.
7.Great for times when temporary cooling is needed.
8.Caster wheels allow for easy transport and relocation.
9.Large easy to remove.

10.With pulleys, light and flexible.
11. Large air volume, strong refrigeration, low energy consumption, low noise, long life and stable operation.
12. Using R410A refrigerant, the temperature is comfortable.
13. The compressor can be used for refrigeration in a high temperature environment of 45℃.
14. Using a fully automatic control system, with automatic diagnosis function, effectively prevent damage to the machine due to bad operations.


1. This product is industrial cooling and air-conditioning equipment, not a houseware.

2. This product is a local cooling air-conditioning equipment. The cooling and heat dissipation are on the same machine, which is different from the traditional household split air conditioner.

This machine cannot cool the whole space (if the whole space needs to be cooled down, it is necessary to install pvc hose or aluminum foil single tube at the hot air outlet to discharge the hot air outside,this model needs to choose a 45cm size hose)

3. The design and use environment of this product is 18-45℃. If the temperature is lower than or higher than this temperature zone, the equipment will not operate normally, not the product itself is malfunctioning.

4. The noise of this product is 60-70 decibels, which is not suitable for occasions that require noise (such as bedrooms, meeting rooms, offices, libraries, etc.).



Method of operation:

●Power switch

Turn on the power, the power switch indicator light is on, press the button to turn on and off the machine.

●Air volume selection

Press the button to choose automatic wind

●Cold air temperature setting

Press the cold air temperature setting key, and the cold air temperature indicator will light up at the same time. At this time, press the upper and lower temperature adjustment buttons to set the desired outlet air temperature, that is, run in the cold air set temperature mode. The cold air temperature can be set from 0°C to 30°C. When the cold air temperature is 1°C higher than the set temperature, the compressor works and the air outlet outputs cold air; when the cold air temperature is 1°C lower than the set temperature, the compressor stops working and the air outlet outputs natural air.

●Environmental temperature setting

Press the button, the machine detects and displays the inlet air temperature, and the inlet air temperature indicator lights up at the same time. Press the upper and lower temperature adjustment buttons to set the desired inlet air temperature, that is, run in the inlet air set temperature mode, and the inlet air temperature can be set from 18°C ​​to 35°C. When the inlet air temperature is 1°C higher than the set temperature, the compressor works, and the air outlet outputs cold air; when the inlet air temperature is 1°C lower than the set temperature, the compressor stops working, and the air outlet outputs natural air.

●Alarm indicator

When the machine is full of water, overcurrent, overheating, or ultra-high pressure, the alarm indicator will light up, the machine will stop running, and the LED display will show the corresponding fault code.


Maintenance and inspection:

Please clean the filter regularly. If dust and dirt accumulate on the filter, it will affect the air intake, easily cause frost on the heat exchanger, affect the cooling effect, and cause the machine to malfunction.

●To clean the filter, please lift the filter up and then take it out directly.

Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the filter, then clean it with water or a neutral detergent, and restore it to use after it is completely dry.


When cleaning the surface of the machine, do not use chemicals such as thinner, volatile oil, etc., otherwise it will affect the appearance of the machine.

Please always check whether the parts and screws are loose. If there is any looseness, please tighten it in time to remove it. Before the machine is not used for a long time, please pour out the accumulated water in the water storage bucket and store it after the machine is dry.

●Do not store the machine horizontally or upside down.

●Please keep the machine out of the reach of children, and avoid storing it in places subject to high temperature, splashing rain and direct sunlight.

●During maintenance and inspection, be sure to cut off the power supply.

●Be sure to cut off the power supply when storing the machine.


Product display:
Item Included:1*220V  Industrial air conditioner
Item Number: 023452

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