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021505:Multifunctional ore glass crusher

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Multifunctional Ore Glass Crusher

High efficiency multifunctional mill adopts custom pure copper fine motor and high grade bearing. Structure precision,

low noise, with small volume, easy to operate, exquisite and beautiful, no dust, no vibration, not only save electricity

and safety advantages. Mainly used for crushing steel slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore,manganese ore,

tinore, quartz stone, dolomite, coal and other neutral hardness materials.


1. Open the top cover (close clockwise, open counterclockwise).

2. Put the dry material into the crushing chamber.

3. Close the top cover tightly.

4. Cut off the power supply, open the latch (lift it up by hand), open the upper cover, load the crushing material in the

clean crushing tank, close the upper cover and lock it (one press on the line), and scale up according to different

product specifications.

5. Plug it in and turn on the switch.

6. When the rolling sound is relatively uniform in the work, it means that the material has been crushed, and you need

to master the crushing time yourself. (generally 1-5 minutes).

7. For safety, please turn off the power supply, open the hatch cover until the machine stops rotating, and then

release the powder. The powder stuck in the hatch can be cleaned with the distribution brush.

Model XY-4500B
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220V
Feeding Particle Size <10mm 
Discharge Grain Size  10-100mesh
Rotation Rate 2800r/min
Product Size 280*280*510mm (11*11*20'')


Production Details


1. After the machine is received, do not let the machine work continuously, but operate in the mode of stopping for

two minutes after working for one minute, which will help to extend the service life and maintenance of the machine,

and prevent the bearing from overheating and damaging the motor!

2. The crushing material should not exceed half of the capacity of the crushing tank, and it should be crushed for 10-50

seconds each time!

3. Feed crushing is less than 1 cm! Crushed materials must be dry, and should not be processed with wet and greasy

materials to prevent burning the motor.

4. This machine can be used if the ore with high hardness can be broken with a hammer.

5. When the upper cover is open, do not start the switch. You must first unplug the power plug.

6. This machine is equipped with a set of cutter heads and an additional set of cutter heads.
Item Number: 021505



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