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022709:High-shear emulsifying pump pipeline Single Stage Pipeline
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New Emulsion pump High Shear Emulsifying Pump 110V 2.2KW


Biological medicine, food industry, cosmetic care,ink coating, nano materials, petrochemical, printing and dyeing auxiliaries,paper making, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, plastics, rubber,and other fine chemical mixing, dispersion and emulsification.

Flow range:0-3m3/h
Material:stainless steel 304

Product Display

1.Check whether the import and export seal is good, there are no impurities, metal chips and other materials that have damaged equipment into the body.
2.Check whether the motor and the machine are in good condition when the transportation is out of the warehouse. When the power switch is connected, a safe contact motor device should be installed.
3.Before the connection between the import and export process pipe and the process pipe, first, clean the process pipeline, and ensure that the process pipeline without welding slag, metal chips, glass chips, quartz sand and other damaged equipment can be connected with the machine after the hard material.
4.The selection of the installation position of the TRL1 pipeline equipment and the nearest location of the container are such as the bottom of the container. The pipeline must be simple and direct, as far as possible to reduce the components of the elbow pipe, thus reducing the resistance of the material in the circulation process.
5.The choice of location for intermittent equipment installation is suitable for vertical level of containers. When dumping, it must be well sealed, moisture-proof, moisture proof, dust-proof and explosion-proof.
6.Before starting the machine, first, turn the spindle, the hands feel the light and heavy, flexible, no other frictional sound and abnormal sound.
7.When installing the pipeline, the inlet and outlet pipe adopts the clamp live connection structure.
8.After the completion of the above work, the power supply is started, and the steering axis of the motor steering axis is checked and checked repeatedly.
Attention and maintain
1. The cooling water is usually connected before the machine is opened, and the cooling water is shut down first and then the cooling water can be used.
2.The cooling water pressure is less than 0.2Mpa
3.The material must enter the working chamber, and it can be switched on. It is also necessary to ensure that it does not run in the condition of material failure, so as to avoid idling and cause mechanical seals (machinAdd a current protector when wiring the emulsion pump.burn out or affect service life.
4.Add a current protector when wiring the emulsion pump.
After confirming the sealing of the cooling water, the motor is started, and the motor steering should be operated with the steering sign of the main shaft, and the reversal is strictly prohibited!
It can not be Idle and Reversal!!!!!(You must be attention )
Item Number: 022709

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