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024295:Equipment Tablet Disintegration tester 110V 600W

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Equipment Tablet Disintegration Tester
Name: Equipment Tablet Disintegration Tester
Packing Specifications:20.87"*14.57"*16.14"(37*41*53CM)
Gross Weight: 12.18KG
Number of lifting baskets:1
Basket glass tube number: 6
Flat bottom beaker volume:1000ML
Temperature preset range: (20 ~ 45) °C
Continuous working time: more than 24 hours
Round trip frequency of the basket:(30 ~ 32)times /min
Basket round trip: (55 ± 1) mm
Minimum spacing of the screen:(25 ± 2) mm
Timing range:(1 ~ 900) minutes
1.Single cup, six tubes, single cup single, single operation; automatic timed shutdown.
2.Automatic temperature control, high temperature control accuracy.
3.Imported stainless steel is used for hanging blue and boom.
4.The water pump is used to circulate the water flow uniformity system, and the temperature of the water bath is uniform.
5.The time parameters can be preset at will; the preset values and real-time values are displayed in time sharing.
6.Fully automatic intelligent control of temperature, time and round-trip frequency three parametes.
Package Includes:
Equipment Tablet Disintegration Tester (024295)

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