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210041:12 PAN Ice Cream Showcase

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12 PAN Ice Cream Showcase
1.High Pressure Foamed Layer.
2.Tempered Glass. The tempered glsaa has special material. After Steel processing, the grain is very small it is boken.

3.The light with LED lights.

4.New and powerful compressor.

5.Have a big display window.

Panoramic view at a glance
The three-layer glass has a large field of vision, which is larger and wider, giving customers a more intuitive visual experience and double the attraction


12Pan Volt 220V
Climate N Type of Electric

Shock Against

Power 215W Operating



(≥-18℃ )


Refrigerant 134a Net Weight 163lbs


Light LED Light Size





The volume of each individual box is 2.5L

Matters needing attention when using


1. When handling, the box should be kept as straight as possible, the maximum inclination should not exceed 45 °C, and it should not be placed upside down or horizontally;

2. Placement of the freezer: It should be placed in an environment with smooth air, cool and dry, and no corrosive gas around it. Remember to be close to the heat source and avoid direct sunlight. The front and rear of the cabinet should be kept more than 10cm away from the wall. The cabinet is stable to avoid vibration or excessive noise;

Item include: 12 PAN Ice Cream Showcase*1


Item Number: 210041


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