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239661:Copper wire elongation tester

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Copper wire elongation tester

This instrument is used to test the elongation characteristics of aluminum, copper, iron and other metal materials test equipment. This machine for metal material failure elongation test; Advanced software programming and precision electronic sensing technology to measure the tensile amount of specimens, and automatically converted into % ratio value to LED display, easy to read, accurate function, simple operation.


1. Sample length: 250mm

2, Specimen diameter: φ0.03-φ1.0mm

3, Extension range: 0-60mm

4, Measurement accuracy: 0.1

5. Working power supply: AC220V, 2A



1. Connect the AC220V power supply to the elongation test stand.

2. Pull out the power switch to the ON position.

3. Pull the steering switch to the left. After the motor limit stops, take the 250mm long test object and put it in the left fixture for fastening, then straighten it and put it in the right fixture for fastening.

4, press the reset switch to reset, pull the direction switch to the right, the motor slowly tensile test, the counter will be counted according to the percentage of frequency.

5, the test product is broken after stretching a certain length, the motor will automatically stop, the counter will stop counting, save the test value end of the test. The value displayed by the LED is the stretch length of the product.

6. For the accuracy of the test, the machine is equipped with a scale. After the test, the scale value corresponding to the indicator can be compared with the display value. To ensure the error of test results.

7. After the test, turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord.



Item Number(239661):

1* Copper wire elongation tester


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